Aquaman: Justice League


“Dressed like a bat. I dig it”


Product Description

The World’s Greatest Heroes unite on the big screen for the first time November 2017 in the Warner Bros. feature film Justice League! Now, DC Collectibles captures the likenesses of Batman, Cyborg and Superman in these spectacular new statues!

This statue depicts Jason Momoa’s, Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman!

Arthur Curry is the ruler of Atlantis and ruler of seven seas! He was born by the name of, Orin, but he was cast out of Atlantis as a child, as he was deemed to be cursed! The young child was forced to raise himself in the wilds of the ocean before being found by a kind fishermen, who raised him as his own and named him after himself; Arthur Curry.


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Franchise DC
Brand DC Collectibles
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