COMIC-CAST Episode #3: The Future of Star Trek

COMIC-CAST Episode #3: The Future of Star Trek

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Issue Number One Studios presents a new bi-monthly podcast in which we talk about the latest news, rumours and theories from the world of comic-book movies and television franchises, as well as discussing a new geeky, hot-topic each episode!

So sit back, relax and put those headphones in as we welcome you to nerd out with us on COMIC-CAST.

In this episode we talk about all the latest comic-book news; including NEW updates about the DCEU movies and the casting of Batwoman. Sony’s new Spider-Man project and our main topic today: the future of Star Trek and where CBS could take, Jean Luc Picard, in the sequel series to Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Please be aware that this podcast contains spoilers and strong language.