COMIC-CAST Episode #1: The Spider-Verse & The DC Universe

COMIC-CAST Episode #1: The Spider-Verse & The DC Universe

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Issue Number One Studios presents a new bi-monthly podcast in which we talk about the latest news, rumours and theories from the world of comic-books’ movie and television franchises, as well as discussing a new geeky, hot-topic each episode!

So sit back, relax and put those headphones in as we welcome you to nerd out with us on COMIC-CAST.

Episode Description:

With Sony Pictures still holding onto the film rights for Spider-Man, we discuss how the studios latest spin-off movies may concern and confuse MCU fans; after the ‘Wall-Crawlers’ introduction into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We also discuss Warner Bros. future plans for the DCUE and their (apparant) bold move for a new and separate “DC: Dark Universe” as well as the highly anticipated launch of their new online streaming service.

Please note: this podcast does contain major spoilers and some strong language

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