Games Workshop’s popular tabletop game: Warhammer 40,000 is one of the biggest selling tabletop games in the world.

The global franchise has had a string of spin-off novels, comic-books, computer games and mobile gaming apps, so it’s no surprise that Games Workshop would make the eventual leap into a big budget television series.

The premise will follow inquisitor: Gregor Eisenhorn and his team of investigators who will hunt down demons and purge the Imperium of Man from heretics. The series is being sold as a ‘genre-bending sci-fi, fantasy series’.

Frank Spotnitz, the man behind Amazon’s Man in the High Castle will run as executive producer and show runner. No dates have been announced as yet nor has a network or streaming service which will pick the show up.

The Warhammer 40,000 universe is a grand and ambitious universe to bring to the small screen. The vast dystopian and worn torn setting would make for a visually interesting television series, but technically challenging. Like most sci-fi genre’s, the main task (in our minds) will be to tone back the vast detail of the already well established tabletop game and to focus on basic world building – attracting not just fans, but newcomers to the franchise as well.

Though Games Workshop will want to please their existing fan’s, the real key to success will be to reign in viewers who know absolutely nothing about the Warhammer 40K lore by creating an engaging and exciting story. If the series goes purely ‘fan service’ then it will run the risk of becoming to niche’ – only attracting the existing fanbase. Games Workshop’s run of computer games (as good as some are) already fall into this category and rarely attract those who know little (or nothing) about the universe.

This announcement  comes on the back of an apparent animated series, also being developed by Games Workshop – called Angels of Death – following a group of space marines from the Blood Angels chapter of the elite fighting force.