It has been rumoured for some time that we might get a new Superman TV series with the Arrowverse’s take on the Man of Steel. Now, finally, we have confirmation that the series is being developed by Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter and Geoff Johns. The previous showroom of The Flash (Todd Helbing) will showroom the new CW series and will follow Clark Kent & Lois Lane as they become new parents – whilst dealing with the day-to-day going’s on within the DC TV Universe (we assume).

The show will star Tyler Hoechlin & Elizabeth Tulloch who will reprise their already established roles within Greg Berlanti’s small screen universe.

Not only that! Is has also been confirmed that HBO’s new streaming service will exclusively debut the first live action Green Lantern TV series – also produced by Greg Berlanti! According to the fan favourite producer: Green Lantern “promises to be our biggest DC show ever made”.

These are bold words indeed! Green Lantern, of course, isn’t just about the one character – rather an entire corps of interplanetary protectors all with the same mantle – so to see the variety of alien species all working for the greater good will be treat to see! Not to mention the likes of Yellow, Red and even Black Lanterns!

Berlanti’s TV universe has teased Green Lantern on several occasions, with Ferris Air popping up here an there, the mention of their lead test pilot (Hal Jordan) going missing in an episode of The Flash (we assume when Abin Sur crash lands and gives Hal the ring) even Hal Jordan, himself appears briefly – though you do not see his face – a scene in Arrow takes place within a bar in Coast City where the camera pans past a man wearing an aviator jacket with the name tag ‘Jordan’.

In another scene in Arrow, Oliver Queen is literally stood next to a Green Lantern power battery, so it’s clear that the character has been building up from some time and now, finally, we will actually get to see a new live action depiction of the character/characters.

It has often long been rumoured that Arrow’s John Diggle (played by David Ramsey) is in fact, Jon Stewart – which was…kind of confirmed in 2018’s Elseworlds crossover where the 90’s TV series version of Barry Allen (played by John Wesley Shipp)  recognises John and asks him “And why aren’t you wearing your ring?!” confirming that “our” version of John Stewart has yet to take on the famed role of Green Lantern.

John Stewart is the second human to bear the mantle from Earth and remains one of the most popular Green Lanterns to date!

With the upcoming Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover and the collision of the multiverses – not just from the current line up of DC shows – but from past one’s as well – including Batman 66, Smallville, Birds of Prey, Batman: The Animated Series and even Lucifer (rumoured) and 2006’s Superman: Returns – it would make sense to see a lot of these characters escape their respective realities and wind up on Earth 1 so that there is a single continuity.

Arrow is now in it’s final season so with Superman and Green Lantern finally getting their own series’ – it makes sense that these two fan favourite heroes and their supporting characters finally take their place within the Arrowverse.

Much like how Iron Man paved the way for the MCU – Arrow paved the way – not just for comic accurate depictions of some DC’s most beloved characters – but brought life to characters which (as comic book fans) we never thought we’d ever see in live action! With such highly successful shows now under their proverbial belt, CW and HBO can now have confidence with putting some of DC’s flagship characters onto the small screen.

Let’s be honest, the DCEU was a solid effort to bring DC’s gritty realism to the big screen, but DC (in our opinion) has always had a much broad a narrative to tell in the space of a two hour movie and it seems that Warner Bros. is most likely seeing this too as it expands its highly successful TV franchise, instead.