JUSTICE LEAGUE RELEASE THE “SNYDER CUT” Campaign Starts Ahead Of San Diego Comic-Con 2019

Warner Bros. 2017 Justice League movie was…less than stellar.

Warner Bros. bosses decided to scrap the near completed movie by then DC franchise lead: Zack Snyder. Instead the decision makers over at the studio wanted to adopt a lighter hearted tone similar to that of the MCU. However, this erupt decision was to cost Warner Bros. big time! as they felt it was necessary to play “catch up” with Disney and their highly successful comic-book universe.

What resulted was a hastily reshot movie, which served as an intro for not one, not two, but three protagonists! And a villain with absolutely no substance, questionable CGI and a movie with little or no impact…oh and a false top lip…

Warner Bros. decision to alter Justice League extremely late in the process would  affect the DC Extended Universe nearly beyond repair! Thankfully the success of both 2018’s Aquaman and 2019’s SHAZAM! would help repair some of the damage but unfortunately, it would lead to a reboot of both Batman and the currently unknown status of Superman.

So far Warner Bros. has another two movies lined up which also take place in the DCEU: Birds of Prey and the Fatabulous Emancipation of one Harley Quinn (yes the title is indeed that long) is scheduled for release early next year – followed by the much anticipated return of Wonder Woman, in Wonder Woman: 1984.

As far as we’re aware, Birds of Prey will be set in a Batman-less Gotham City where Black Canary, Huntress and yes, Harley Quinn will look to defend Gotham in his so far, unexplained absence. This lends to a theory of Matt Reeves The Batman could be set in the 90’s as a younger Bruce Wayne struggles to find his feet early in his crime fighting career. This would then build up to the return of the much older, experienced Batman in the DCEU when the world needs the Caped Crusader to return.

Wonder Woman 1984 is not being treated (according to director Patty Jenkins) as a sequel to it’s highly successful predecessor – instead being sold as another chapter of her life. Chris Pine’s character: Steve Trevor is also returning though his currently unexplained resurrection has fans wondering if Pine is actually potraying another DC character in the guise of Diana’s long lost love. Warner Bros. is not attending this years San Diego Comic-Con so we will have to wait a little longer before we see any real footage.

The Joker solo movie, which is due for release this October, will most likely be an Elseworlds story inspired by Alan Moore’s critically acclaimed graphic novel (The Killing Joke) about the Joker’s sad origin story. For those of you that don’t know, Elseworlds tales are usually multiverse, standalone stories which don’t affect the prime DC universe. This furthers Warner Bros. new approach on DC films – as they look to make good, standalone stories about the DC characters rather than trying to build a multilayered cinematic universe. Though this may confuse fans regarding Jared Letto’s…mixed performance as the Clown Prince of Crime in 2016′ Suicide Squad – it just goes to show that the studio is really trying to win back fans at the box office by hiring actors such as Joaquin Phoenix, Zazie Beetz and Robert De Niro, in what could be a bizarre take on the much loved Batman villain.

Though there are many positives about Warner Bros. upcoming DC slate, many fan’s still feel somewhat angry about Justice League, a movie, which for the first time, was bringing together a live action take on one of the most celebrated comic titles in history. The film promised much with it’s array of trailers but with the studio’s hasty changes, much of what was teased never came to be. As dark as Batman v Superman was, the story arc which Zack Snyder had developed was to introduce Darkseid and the eagerly anticipated return of Green Lantern and the rest of the Lantern Corps over a three part trilogy! and fans, after seeing the final theatrical cut of JL, demanded that the original cut of Snyder’s film be released.

No doubt the Justice League trilogy would have been dark, but it would of followed a pre-written and very detailed story arc.

The campaign has been seen, by most, as a vain effort as the cut (apparently) doesn’t exist i.e. it was never complete before Josh Whedon took the helm during Warner Bros. reshoots after Zack Snyder’s extremely upsetting exit from the film.

Now, with San Diego Comic-Con only two days away, advertisement boards have been spotted in the city campaigning that Warner Bros. release the original Snyder cut #ReleaseTheSnyderCut in the hope it gets enough attention to finally happen.

It won’t be the first time something similar has happened. 2016’s Ghostbusters reboot was a critical and commercial flop. Three years after it’s release, Jason Reitman is taking the reins of a ‘more faithful’ sequel to the franchise which will feature the original cast and by the sounds of it, it will follow the premise of a new generation taking over the mantle of the Ghostbusters. Completely ignoring the failed reboot.

Richard Donner’s cut of Superman 2 was nearly completely reshot with another director (Richard Lester) after Donner left the project. It wasn’t until 2006 where, with a mix of Donner’s original footage and scenes from Lester’s theatrical cut that a true vision of Richard Donner’s story came to be.

However, it may be that Warner Bros. may just want to forget about the movie all together? Early reports from Wonder Woman: 1984 suggest that Diana is a fully recognised hero and isn’t hiding from the public eye, as was strongly suggested in Justice League. It could be that Warner Bros. intend to forget the story ever happened and wish to rewrite DCUE history from the perspective of Wonder Woman: 1984 – a franchise guaranteed to attract audiences.

It’s also worth noting that Joker is also set in the 1980’s – so there could be something there too? After all we know a younger Bruce Wayne is set to make an appearance in Joker. If the sequel to this movie is then The Batman set in the 90’s…could Warner Bros. be rewriting the DC universe?

But perhaps we’re clutching at straws a little too much here…

IF the Snyder cut is eventually released, it will most likely not be for some time as Warner Bros. continue to rebuild there, so far, new successful run of DC movies.