Idris Elba In Talks To Replace Will Smith As Deadshot In James Gunn’s SUICIDE SQUAD!!

There has been a surprising turn of events with James Gunn’s Suicide Squad semi-reboot!

Idris Elba has apparently been in talks with Gunn and rumour is; the meeting went extremely well!

Although we are fans of Will Smith, we felt that his Deadshot was somewhat ‘wish washy’ and didn’t really utilise Smith’s usual on-screen presence. If these rumours are indeed true – then Idris Elba is a perfect casting choice and with James Gunn at the helm of the now anticipated sequel – this could be another another feather in the DCEU cap.

2018’s Aquaman smashed the box office and with SHAZAM! looking like it could be another releative success and Tod Phillip’s Joker movie due for release later in the year – shortly followed by Birds of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation Of One Harley Quinn) in early 2020. DC and Warner Bros. could finally be on the right track.

At present, Margot Robbie is the only original cast member who is set to reprise their role in the sequel/semi-reboot – reprising her role as Harley Quinn.