HELLBOY Gives Us A Much Better Feel For The Upcoming Reboot With A NEW “Red Band” Trailer!

We must admit, when we first saw the teaser trailer for the new Hellboy reboot, we were very much on the fence.

The trailer didn’t give us that flare an style that Guillermo del Toro’s 2004 movie and then his 2008 sequel, did. David Harbour also didn’t have the same presence as Ron Perlman’s previous incarnation did either; going for what seemed like a much ‘goofier’ and slapstick take on the infamous comic book character.

However the second trailer, which was revealed yesterday, gives us a much better look at the fun loving demon and also gives a detailed look at the aesthetic that director, Neil Marshall, is going for.

Rather than what seemed like a more comedic version of the character, we see that they are going along the familier lines of a dark comedy; much like the previous films. However, with much more graphic violence and adult language it’s clear that they are targeting a more mature audience, this time.

The below trailer is “Red Band” and contains graphic violence and bad language, so if you do not want to watch this version we have also shared the “Green Band” trailer further down the page.