When EA’s Star Wars: Battlefront 2 was released back in 2017, the reception was less than favourable.

The game was confusing – with both it’s multi-layer in-game currency and it’s “pay to play” mechanics. Gamers (for the most part) were not pleased! so much so, the game made headlines for it’s fan backlash and it’s outrageous cost to unlock characters, for real money.

However, the game’s developers listened! Over time, the “pay to play” mechanics were soon stripped away – replaced by a simple progression locked in game currency. Players could still spend their own real cash, but these purchases were for cosmetic additions to in-game characters only.

Not only that (and unlike it’s predecessor) all new DLC (downloadable content) was free of charge and as new content was addended and gameplay altered for a more enjoyable experience,  Star Wars: Battlefront 2 has become known for one of the biggest turnarounds in recent memory and to this day, still boasts a dedicated player base.

In 2019, EA’S Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, received critical acclaim from both fans and critics for it’s in depth and compelling story.

Not long afterwards, a supposed leak on the Playstaion store revealed a new Star Wars title, codenamed: “Project Maverick”. The supposed leak also contained artwork, showing both imperial and rebel ships in a space battle.

Last week, the Xbox store also had another supposed leak, revealing the title for “Project Maverick”: Star Wars: Squadrons.

Soon after, Star Wars: Squadrons was officially announced with the tag line “Pilots Wanted”.

The common assumption is that this is a new dogfighting game set during the Galactic Civil War i.e. Empire vs Rebellion, but we won’t find out until tonights online reveal.

Stay tuned and we’ll bring more news as we get it.

UPDATE 16/06/20:

(Video credit: EA Star Wars YouTube Channel)

Not long after we posted our article on the website, the trailer for Star Wars: Squadrons soon dropped online.

So, we know that EA’s newest Star Wars title will indeed be a first person based dogfighter game, other than that, EA doesn’t provide anymore details…

If we were going to make a quick guess; it’s October 2020 release date suggests that the game may utilise same engine from Star Wars: Battlefront 2 – with some further tweaks for a refined dogfighter experience. As to the scale of the maps; a stage-by-stage objective based map would be the logical conclusion i.e attack and defend maps – given that the trailer suggest there will be two teams of five. Not unlike games such as Left 4 Dead where two small teams battle to stop a certain objective from being met.

Whether or not AI bots will be used to create the illusion of a larger battle and to help distract the respective teams, is still TBC.

Based on what else we saw in the trailer; there will be multiple ship classes for each side: a bomber, an intercepter, heavy fighter and, interestingly – a troop transport?

With no real gameplay in the trailer (which was to be expected) we can’t really gauge what the gameplay will actually look like until EA release a full gameplay trailer, but we hope that capital ships will play (no pun intended) a large role – as the trailer does go out of the way to feature the larger ships in nearly every shot.

Hopefully more details will drop throughout the summer.